Women in Trade and Logistics

Women in Trade and Logistics

March may be ending but this does not mean that the celebration for all women should end. From being a trailblazer to being an innovator, we know that you have changed us all more than we can ever

Logistics is a field that’s becoming more and more gender-balanced, but we still have a long way to go.
Women are an untapped resource in the overall talent pool in logistics and companies need to look
more deliberately to ensure they’re tapping into all qualified people. The report by Gartner shows that
around 41% of personnel in the supply chain sector are women. 15% of these women are in the top rank
of the companies and have contributed significantly to their company’s growth. There are 4 key actions
companies can take to increase gender diversity in logistics.

  1. Set clear targets
  2. Open pathways for entry
  3. Target women with a purpose
  4. Create a culture for growth

Agate Solutions is committed to providing a safe, professional and supportive environment for women
who want to get started in the logistics and trade industry. We recognize that all genders should have
the same opportunity to succeed, so as part of our commitment to diversity we provide quality
education and mentoring programs.