Women in Trade and Logistics

Women in Trade and Logistics

March may be ending but this does not mean that the celebration for all women should end. From being a trailblazer to being an innovator, we know that you have changed us all more than we can everimagine. Logistics is a field that’s becoming more and more gender-balanced, but we still have a long way […]

Saluting All Women Today and Everyday

Saluting All Women Today and Everyday

March is an important month for all women, and we are celebrating the many accomplishments women have made over the course of history. Women’s History Month is a chance to recognize thecontributions towards gender equality. The supply chain is a multi-million dollar industry however only 30% of that workforce are people ofcolor. Out of 30%, […]

How Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics

how technology is changing the future of logistics

Technology has had an extensive impact on the business world. The flexibility, productivity and cost savings it provides can transform a company’s entire operation. By understanding the technology and advancements in logistics, businesses can better manage the flow of information better. This will allow the flow of goods to be expedited and cut down on […]

5 Ways To Handle International Trade and Transport Compliance Issues

Not playing by the rules of international trade and transport compliance can be a costly affair. To avoid that ordeal, here are 5 ways that allow air cargo organizations to improve their current issues with international transport and trade compliance. End-to-end compliance Real-time data scanning and refreshment Automated compliance checks Creating a centralized data hub […]

Why Logistics is Fundamental to Supply Chain Success

Why Logistics is fundamental to supply chain success

Logistics refers to the entire process of moving products or materials from one point to another. Although logistics can seem like a simple task, it can be quite complex. From planning and maintaining an efficient inventory, to shipping securely and efficiently, logistics is an essential part of many supply chain management processes. To summarize, the […]

Top 5 Trends in Supply Chain Management In 2022

Top 5 Trends in Supply Chain Management

In Case You Missed It! As the world moves on, there are many new and innovative trends that could make supply chains more versatile. Here’s a list of the top five trends to watch out for in 2022. Increased use of technology and digitization. Increase in tech-enabled procurement. The growing share of small-sized retailers. Drone […]