Executive Leadership Program

The Agate Experience offers an intensive mentoring program designed to support your objectives by strategic expert planning and execution, distinct to Global Logistics and International Trade Compliance.

The Hybrid Intensive course is required to enroll in this program.

The knowledge and information I’ve gained in the Agate Solutions courses has positioned me and my company more competitively and increased the level of service we provide our customers.

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What's included

Custom designed to meet the objectives of the mentee.

Professional portfolio review: resume, professional biography, and LinkedIn profile.

In depth support on professional goals and business model.

Professional development planning and strategy for execution.

Networking guidance with associations and memberships.

Resource Guide: Employment Recruiters, Freight Forwarder list, Past Customs Broker Exams, Import Regulations, Dictionary of International Trade, and much more.

Private 1:1 sessions on best practices and masterminds.

20% off Advanced Knowledge Course.

Access to Agate Course Portal for applicable courses.

The Executive Leadership Program is designed for

Agate Scholars that have completed any course with Agate Solutions.

Domestic logistics service providers serious about scaling their business in Global Logistics and International Trade Compliance.

Trucking companies, Dispatchers, Domestic Freight Brokers, Domestic Agents, and individuals interested in Warehousing.

Career professionals committed to excelling to new heights in management or cross functional roles distinct to this industry.

Individuals with the objective to gain employment in Global Logistics and International Trade Compliance.


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See what Agate Scholars are saying about The Agate Experience:

Mentor Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Agate Solutions Mentorship Program.

The Global Logistics and International Trade Hybrid Intensive course is a prerequisite to the Executive Leadership Program and must be completed before you can apply.

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