International Trade Consulting

Agate Solutions specializes in international trade compliance. As an accredited Educational Institute and Consulting Agency, we empower businesses to improve profit margins through strategic international trade practices. Our services include duty reduction, leveraging trade agreements like AGOA, utilizing Foreign Trade Zones for import tax deferral, managing trade risks, optimizing tariffs, and navigating challenges with U.S. Customs and partnering agencies. We invite you to benefit from our expertise in these areas.

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Contact Us Today! Get a Tailored International Trade Compliance Strategic Plan. Our experienced team in Atlanta can help you identify key markets, develop strategies to gain a competitive edge, and even provide assistance to determine next steps to scale your business. Contact us for a customized proposal.

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Foreign Trade Zones

Optimize on duty savings with FTZ’s opposed to standard warehouse options. Strategize and implement the suitable FTZ for your organization.

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HTS Classification & Tariff Engineering

Product review and 10-digit tariff classification along with duty rate assessment. Product engineering advisement for lowest possible duty spend.

Free Trade Agreements

Advise on Free Trade Agreements to support global product sourcing with duty free treatment.

Risk Assessments

A deep dive into your organization to identify risk factors that can result in fines and penalties with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Readiness Assessment

Determine if your organization is prepared to capitalize on duty optimization opportunities so you are prepared for duty drawback, first sale, and free trade agreements

Compliance Process Review

Review and develop standard operating procedures, flow charts, and policies to ensure compliance. CBP best practices for your Trade team to operate with excellence.