Saluting All Women Today and Everyday

Saluting All Women Today and Everyday

March is an important month for all women, and we are celebrating the many accomplishments women have made over the course of history. Women’s History Month is a chance to recognize the
contributions towards gender equality.

The supply chain is a multi-million dollar industry however only 30% of that workforce are people of
color. Out of 30%, only 14% are women. As a woman-owned company, Agate Solutions have
continuously provided support to women of color who wants to get started in the logistics and trade
industry. We acknowledge that all genders should have the same opportunity to succeed and we adhere
to this principle by providing quality education, mentoring programs, and professional development

It’s no secret women have made so many strides to get where we are now as a society. Let’s continue to
support, uplift, and embrace one another because at the end of the day only empowered women,
empower women.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

Michelle Obama